About the Book - Afterlifefromabove: Healings of a Paranormal Nature

Uplifting and deeply personal, Afterlifefromabove offers readers a unique opportunity to journey beyond this life into the afterlife through captivating experiences of those who have been profoundly touched by the spirit visitations of their loved ones.

Afterlifefromabove breaks the barriers of separation between seemingly two worlds, life and the afterlife, and for the first time addresses paranormal events from a perspective of spiritual and emotional healing.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Afterlifefromabove: Healings of a Paranormal Nature

Welcome to Afterlifefromabove. This is a site to share your thoughts about the Afterlifefromabove book as well as ask any questions you may have after reading the book. All questions are good questions so don't be shy!
I will try to answer any and all questions.

A new book research is now in progress! Have you met your twin flame? This new book now being written is about meeting your twin flame. If you have had this experience, you can participate in the "Poll" which asks specific questions about your twin flame. Additionally, if you have a story about your twin flame experience that you would like to submit to the research book, please e-mail it to Anita Billi at:

If you would like to participate in an ongoing discussion with others, both about the Afterlifefromabove book and the new book research about the twin flame union, you can visit the Afterlifefromabove Book Research Group. You must be a member to participate.

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Author Anita Billi

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Author Anita Billi said...

Q and A - Attracting Your Twin Flame

Question: How would I go about attracting my twin flame to me?

Answer: My thoughts are this... It is not really attracting that is necessary, but rather "remembering" your twin flame. The DNA codes are there, and all that has to happen is a remembrance. When your twin hears this remembrance within, and they will, there will be a meeting and you will meet. The meeting can be anywhere, will most probably be quite unexpected, and you will recognize them as you will feel that you are "at home". It is a different kind of feeling; it is a feeling of well-being and completeness.

You have asked how to attract your twin flame. Did you only want to attract them, or do you wish to remain with them?

Attracting your twin can become easy, lifetime after lifetime, but staying together can be much work and much energy. First of all, you may have many issues to work out, and this is okay, as long as both are willing. Secondly, the attraction of twin flames is so intense, that the intensity can be too much for both and sometimes separation is necessary. Imagine that feeling you have had when you met someone and fell in love, those first moments and weeks following. This is the intensity of a twin flame reunion x 1000. I wanted to say "times infinity," and this is more accurate, but our brains need to use time and measurement, so I picked a number!

I could go on and on about the intensity that twin flames have, and it is this very intensity within you that draws you both together. So in closing, I would say be completely who you are, be yourself and not what someone else desires, clear up anything that is presented to you on a daily basis (do the life work), and every day in some form, try to contact your twin flame. Simply just sit where you are comfortable and let them know you are there either by voice or by mind, it does not matter. If you receive answers, you might want to ask where they now reside…as more often than not, your twin is in the afterlife state and assists you and communicates to you from there. If that is disappointing, that your twin may not be alive this time around and at the same time as you, you have more work to do in realizing that nothing separates you from your twin flame, not even life and death. There is much more to this however, the feelings of separation twin flames have once they recognize one another, and even when they have not but know of the concept, however, that is another chapter (smile).

Anita Billi ©

walksfar said...

I would give everything i have to be with my twin, she can come here or i will go there and make a home together, make a Life together. It Is time.

Author Anita Billi said...

Hello Walksfar,

Many twin souls are feeling this pull right now very strongly; the urge to reunite. Like you, they too will give everything...for once you recognize that you have a twin soul, there is no turning back!

I wish you a beautiful life together...

-Anita Billi

BookExpo America (BEA) - Washington, D.C., 2006

BookExpo America (BEA) - Washington, D.C., 2006
Author P.M.H. Atwater, Anita Billi and Dr. Roger S. Pile

Afterlifefromabove: Healings of a Paranormal Nature

Afterlifefromabove by Anita Billi offers healing answers to unanswered questions about spirits, and how they are able to communicate with us. Included are worldwide case studies about common paranormal healing experiences, and how these healing experiences bring a new understanding to what happens when we leave this physical world.
Afterlifefromabove answers the questions :

-Why paranormal events can be healing experiences
-What spirits are and how they communicate
-Why some people see spirits and others cannot
-What is the purpose of spirit visitations
-Who visits us before we die
-What is dying really like
-How those who have gone before us contact us
-Why some people remain between worlds after death
-What you do in the afterlife, and why you do it
-Why spirit visitations are important, and how they can heal your life

Excerpt from Afterlifefromabove: Healings of a Paranormal Nature

The Light

"Every man is his own doctor of divinity."
--Robert Louis Stevenson

Over twenty years ago at the age of eighteen, I spontaneously received clear insight and an enormous amount of information about the afterlife. I had been resting in the early evening, and began to experience a tingling sensation that started at my feet, and then engulfed my whole body to the point where I was in a state of complete paralysis. Something or someone asked me telepathically for permission for this to continue, and being curious, I agreed. A bright light then entered the base of my feet, surged up through my body, and exploded out of the crown of my head. At that instant, I felt I was a vessel of light that was connected to all in existence. I was shown our connection to one another down to the smallest particles that make up our world. I sensed that the particles were so small that there was seemingly no separation between them. I knew that these particles represented all of us, unified. During this experience, not only did I receive an immeasurable amount of information regarding the afterlife instantaneously, I heard the voice of God. It was at this instant that I understood that the idea that we are entirely separate in any way is an illusion, a falsehood, and that at the core of each of us exists the essence of our common heritage, our creation, from the same cultivated seed of divinity.

Anita Billi ©

Excerpt from Afterlifefromabove: Healings of a Paranormal Nature by Anita Billi

Chapter 10
The Dynamics of Healing

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”
—Jonathan Swift

"Healing visitations have had an impact on the health of individuals since time began. The diversity of healing visitations is unlimited, both in appearance and in strength. In other words, there is no limit to healing. The only thing that limits anyone in any particular area of healing is the belief that healing comes from somewhere other than themselves.
Healing is often attributed to higher sources outside ourselves, or to those people who hold seemingly out-of-the-ordinary or extraordinary gifts. As it happens, it is not the will of others that make a healing occur, it is your own will that prompts healing within.
When we receive healing assistance, in any form, what is really happening is that we are allowing another to help us to reconnect with our own innate ability to heal ourselves.
If you have ever had a spirit visitation or intuitively think that you may have, I feel certain that you were aware at the time that you were witnessing a special event. These healing occurrences—visitations that heal—are of great comfort, and also serve as a reminder that your innate healing abilities are accessible to you always.
Healers work in many different ways. Knowing this, we can then say that one healing method is not better than another. What makes a particular healing method useful is that you respond to it in a life-giving and uplifting way. The most useful healing method is a method that returns you to your center, and consciously calls your spirit back to itself.
When we feel out of balance, we have temporarily lost a part of our spirit. What we want to do when we realize this has happened is to call that part of our spirit, once we have determined where it has gone, back to our present time and being. Sometimes this includes calling our spirit back from previous lifetimes. In this sense, we experience healing visitations both from and for ourselves in the same instant."

Anita Billi ©

Twin Flame Research Poll Results for January-February 2008

Here are the results of the first twin flame poll for the new book research. These results are in percentages and show the number of participants who selected the answer that best fit their twin flame experience. A total of 36 people answered this poll.

Some experiences were not represented in this first poll, so I have included more in-depth possible life scenarios in this next twin research poll and hope yours is included.

-Yes, I have met my twin flame and am with them now. 16%
-I know of my twin flame but have not yet met them in person. 10%
-I have only had dreams of my twin flame. 2%
-I think I know what a twin flame is, but I am not sure. 8%
-I have never heard of the twin flame concept. 0%

Poll Instructions

Please select the answer or answers that best describe your twin flame experience. With this twin poll, more than one answer may be selected.

Twin Flame Research Poll for March-April 2008 Have you met Your Twin Flame?

Was Your Twin Flame Experience Not Included?

Your twin flame/union experience is important. If you have found that your experience was not included in this poll, we would like to hear about it. You can send an e-mail to Afterlifefromabove@yahoo.com.
Your input is greatly appreciated.

-The Twin Flame Resarch Project

Excerpt from New Research Book on Twin Flames

"It is a rare occasion in this lifetime that you meet your same soul counterpart; your twin-half; the other element of you, who in unison, was created at the instant of all soul design. In life, when this bond is recognized by two individuals, there exists a strength within that may risks all existing commitments, and two counterpart spirits can become so self-absorbed by each other that they can often cast aside any lifestyle they are currently living, wishing to only to return to the unison recognized and remembered within one another. This is very difficult urge to ignore because once you have met your soul counterpart, your twin flame, being a part from one another at any level is heartbreaking to both your spirit and the very core of your being."

Anita Billi ©

New Book Research about Twin Flame Unions

If you are interested in the new book research about twin flames, please join us at the Afterlifefromabove Book Research, where we discuss our twin flame experiences. Due to the nature of this subject, all members must be approved.

~Twin Flame Research~